Different ways to use a pint glass cup,you have to learn to com

Different ways to use a pint glass cup,you have to learn to com

pint glass cup,his apperance ,like his name ,had an elegant gentlemanly style ,

The pint glass cup has a large volume. It has a volume of 450ml. It is especially suitable for family gatherings, camping in the wild, and watching football games. The large volume allows the drinker to drink when drinking . So, how do we use this pint cup in our lives, and that can be used to the best of his usefulness?

First, the juice cup,

the method of use originated from the design of the pint cup, the wide bottle mouth allows the juice to fully contact the cup wall of the cup, but does not make the hard material stick to the cup wall.

At the same time, the circumference of the cup wall and the fit of the human hands achieve a seamless fit, which allows the user to hold the cup wall tightly without falling.

Second, drinking beer,

this world is definitely a must for beer, so when you use a glass bottle to drink beer, the tiny beer bottle can’t make the beer of the beer and the beer mellow. Drinking beer in a pint cup can fully enjoy the aroma of beer.

In the end,

the pen holder, this role benefits from the height of the pint cup, his height can just put down a pen, put the cup in the office, the study, the bedroom is a very good choice