Guangzhou Xinyi glassware co., LTD., produced in 2005, the company founder Mr Yin Chaobing has 25 years experience in glass industry, uphold the spirit of craftsman in acme lead the company for 11 years focused on deep processing of glass art, DISNEY cooperation with Japan for 11 years, quality and service well received by customers;Company has printing, decals, sandblasting, painting, all kinds of craft, such as automatic paint machine each process requires more than ten years experiences on arts and crafts master exquisite technology.

DISNEY company is Japan, the United States universal studios and other well-known brand manufacturers of glass souvenirs, also for the coke of well-known brands, tiger, carlsberg, such as the provision of custom-made glass type of promotional items and gifts.Should the market demand, the company launched its own brand products “SOFIND German poem”, for the fashion of young people provide personalized household glassware, creative life “GLOD WINGS Jin Wen si” is a requirement for high quality life people improve end luxury art household glassware.Welcome to purchase and order!


We have many kinds of technology for your glass decoration.it’s hard to make the best choice because Guangzhou Xinyi Glassware almost mastered all the technology for the glass.Such as manual and automatic screen printing to a variety of color printing,platinum,gold and all of the pigment printing process.In addition,we also have a variety of decoration.Embossed glass and various colors of UV ink technique are the most popular adornment.


Xinyi company has 12 years of professional experience in glass production technology and management.Almost mastered the Xinyi from the manual and automatic screen printing to a variety of color printing, and platinum, gold, etc. All of the pigment printing process.In addition, we also have a variety of decorative combination.Embossed glass and more colors of UV ink technique is the most popular adornment.