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We have many kinds of technology for your glass’s hard to make the best choice because Guangzhou Xinyi Glassware almost mastered all the technology for the glass.Such as manual and automatic screen printing to a variety of color printing,platinum,gold and all of the pigment printing process.In addition,we also have a variety of decoration.Embossed glass and various colors of UV ink technique are the most popular adornment.

Decal printing

Handmade decal pringting applies to the adornment of the complex process or cup type,decal put into the glass by hand then put into the oven.It make the logo fix in the glass.

Bottom Decoration

We can use the hand made ant other special printing technology,to make the special and nice brand on the glassware bottom.

Color Changing Printing

Our printing can offer the color changing style and gradually changing.Both hot changing and cold changing make the glassware fancy.

3D Laser Printng

We can offer 3D laser printing on any part of the glass.It’s good for improving your brand name and looks elegant.

Frosted Pickling Technology

Frosted pickling technology can make the glassware with a high white and forsted effect.

Gold And Platinum Decoration Printing

We can use the gold and silver ink to the printing which make the glassware look good and high class effect.

Bouble Sides Printing

We can offer the new technology for printing.Sublimation printing is more and more popular on the glassware decoration.

Lead-free Decoration

If you need we can offer the lead-free metal decoration.Iron or aluminium piece.

Sand Blasting Technology

Sand Blasting Technology and Frosted Pickling Technology can make the glassware looks more transparent.

Convex Logo Printing

Convex Logo Printing is a good choice to reduce the cost of glassware decoration.It can even apply for the small quantity order.

Sublimation Printing

We can offer the new techonology for printing.Sublimation printing is more and more popular on the glassware decoration.

Metal Decoration

The metal decoration is one of the best choice for the glassware decoration.It makes the glassware more classic and high class.