Borosilicate Glass Cup

What is Borosilicate Glass Cup? Borosilicate material glassware.

What is Borosilicate Glass Cup? Borosilicate material glassware.

High-Borosilicate heat-resistant glass is a “cooked glass” of the cost is quite expensive. Fully meet the international environmental testing standards.

Due to its own heat and anti-instantaneous temperature difference performance requirements, the use of high boron silicon material to replace the “raw glass” in a large number of lead, zinc and other harmful heavy metal ions, so its brittleness and weight are much smaller than the common ” Raw glass “.

But also to ensure that the instantaneous temperature difference in the case of sudden change will not occur in the case of its weight to be compared with a large number of heavy metal ions in the” raw glass “to light more.

In appearance looks with ordinary glass There are differences, visually out of the “raw glass” hard, crisp feeling.

1, the composition of raw materials: high borosilicate glass containing boron trioxide
and silica in the amount of ordinary glass is higher, even boron content can reach 14%, silicon content of 80%. Ordinary flat glass silicon content of about 70%, ordinary glass is generally not boron, but sometimes up to 1%

2, glass features: Gao Peng glass expansion coefficient is low, softening point high, good resistance to rapid cooling performance. The expansion coefficient of about 32 ~ 33 * 10 (-7), ordinary glass about 80-100 * 10 (-7); resistance to rapid cooling about 200 to 300 degrees Celsius.

3, use: mainly used in the production of glass equipment, glass lid, chemical equipment. From the glass excellence network


Borosilicate Glass Cup

Borosilicate Glass Cup


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What is Borosilicate Glass Cup? Borosilicate material glassware.