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How to use the custom printing glass cup correctly?

How to use the custom printing glass cup correctly?

For everyday use of the glass, do you really know how to clean it? Do you know what to do with different glasses? For those hard to handle stubborn stains, is there any secret weapon that can be used? After reading the following, I believe we will not have any doubt.
For different styles of glass, how should we clean?

Ordinary material glass Most ordinary glass material for the calcium glass, this glass can not afford more than 70 degrees of temperature difference.

So remember when you do not clean with boiling water, clean with boiling water will have a chance to let the glass fragmentation. And because of the non-porous characteristics of the glass, in fact, as long as the water can be cleaned with normal temperature.

Heat-resistant glass Most of the glass in the product description can be made of tea or coffee are made of heat-resistant glass. These glasses are cleaned in the same way as ordinary glass, the only difference is that the heat-resistant glass can be cleaned with hot water.

Beer Cup Drink Beer makes people feel refresher mainly because of the bubble, and the main role of the beer cup is the same as the lid to protect the dissolved carbon dioxide into the beer will not escape.

Experience the taste and taste should be as long as possible to keep the bubble, and to do this must first ensure that the glass wall can not have grease on the wall. Therefore, when cleaning the beer cup is not recommended to clean with other utensils, with neutral detergent and sponge block will be thoroughly washed with grease and lipstick. And then rinse several times, and then naturally dry, avoid wiping with a rag, even hot water washed the cloth, the fiber also have grease residue. There is water to stay in the above can only let its natural dry.

Goblet to drink red wine and champagne is the best match with the goblet.

Drink wine is very particular about a character. The real product of its original flavor first requires a certain temperature, and the purpose of this cup is to taste the palm of the tastes and the wine of the ball at the bottom of the cup separated, so as not to affect the wine temperature.

The In order to float the fragrance, revealing the color, wash away the grunge but also wipe with burlap. When washing is also quite a chapter method,

first of all to the goblet plus neutral detergent, into the warm water.

The cup to be tipped, with a sponge to wipe the grease. The order of the ball at the end of the cup, high, cup care, followed by gently wipe. Wash the control to the semi-dry dry with a dry cloth, then if the single holding cup care, the other hand to wipe the ball is easy to break high feet, should be extra careful. Wipe up after the mouth placed up.
How to deal with stubborn stains?

Salt salt Everyone has a home, cooking and cooking can not do without it. Put a tsp salt into the glass, be sure to have just washed the glass, and then wash the hand, rub the glass with salt, for a while you can see the clear glass.
Mung bean is not just green beans, red beans, these small particles of small round grains can be hard. Prepare two spoonful of white vinegar and some green beans, put these into the glass, sealed mouth, forced shaking, through the mung bean and glass friction, will remove the glass stains clean.

Alcohol (ethanol) must be sure to use 75% of medical alcohol. Add about 15ml of alcohol into a dry glass, and then use a clean gauze to scrub the inner wall of the glass, clean and rinse with water several times.
Toothpaste is very simple, but it should be noted that when cleaning the glass with toothpaste must pay attention to whether the glass is dry, if there is water, the cleaning effect is not very satisfactory.

Citrus peel citrus delicious, but citrus peel is also useful for it. With a few pieces of fresh citrus peel a little hard to wipe the inner wall of the glass, the inner wall of the fog will be completely removed. And can also remove the smell on the glass Oh.

Yes, water is water, but how you do not necessarily know. In the face of some stubborn stains such as tea stains, or soak the coffee after the coffee did not have time to wash and produce a very hard stains, the water (room temperature can be) into the cup. Soak for more than an hour, and then put the glass of water and then clean the more simple Oh.
Some people say that the above methods I still can not clean! Here are two advanced cleaning methods, specifically for the stubborn stains clean.
Vinegar + water vinegar and water with a 1: 4 ratio of mixing, and then mixed with liquid cleaning glass, vinegar cleaning capacity is very strong, not only can clean up the stains, and for the glass has a certain polishing effect, after cleaning Just the same as the new Oh

Lemon + salt this is specifically to deal with water stains. The lemon cut into two halves, the above cast salt, and then sticky salt of lemon cut on the tableware back and forth friction, and then rinse with water.

Of course, if the glass material has a better easy to clean, clean will be more convenient.


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How to use the custom printing glass cup correctly?