Why you can drink different colors of beer – Choose the good beer glass!

Different temperatures produce different colors of beer – Choose the good beer glass!

beer glass

beer glass

There are a lot of people asking how the color of the beer comes. And even some people in the first time to drink stout that is not added to the pigment or something. In fact, the color of beer are derived from malt.

Pale Malt

We call it light-colored malt. Usually in the barley after germination with 80 ℃ hot air drying from the malt, this malt starch is retained to the greatest extent. So the light malt is the main raw material of all the beer. Even the dark beer is also the most. Because it provides the main fermentable maltose.

Caramel Malt

Caramel malt, this kind of malt color will be deeper. Mainly because the drying temperature is high, so that the starch in the malt into coke caramel. So this kind of malt has the taste of caramel, it provides a brown red color for the beer. And provides the scent of caramel. And according to the different drying temperature, caramel malt color is shallow and deep points. , In beer brewing with L that its color. Such as 60L and 90L, the two caramel malt color is not the same.

Black Malt

This malt is basically baked at a high temperature of 200 ° C to promote complete carbonation of the starch in the malt. So the whole was black, it is the production of stout this dark beer essential raw materials. It can provide a special paste for the beer flavor. Somewhat is similar to the feeling of coffee.


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Why you can drink different colors of beer – Choose the good beer glass!

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