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The function of the high class wine Decanter learn to drink with noble way

The function of the high class wine Decanter learn to drink with noble way

The role of the wine Decanter – Why to choose drink the wine from the decanter

wine glass wine decanter

wine glass wine decanter

To make full contact with the red wine. Decanter can oxidize the wine and soften the tannins. Decanter will also the way to remove the the sediment of the wine. If you direct to taste the wine you can’t feel the real taste from your good wine.

General practice is to open the bottle, put the red wine into the sober for a few hours, so that red wine and indoor air full contact before they can drink directly.

The decanter can make a bottle of ordinary wine feel more noble.
Elegant crystal utensils, romantic candlelight, wearing a tuxedo meticulous sommelier, for the good banquet feeling. Solemn and even sacred atmosphere.


BRING FLAVOR TO YOUR WINE – Use this wide-based decanter to bring the flavors and aromas of your wine to life that you lose when you don’t use a decanter. Yes, it’ a beautiful, elegant centerpiece that will look great on a dinner or dining-room table, but a decanter does so much more!

AERATE YOUR WINE – When using a decanter, you benefit greatly from simply pouring the entire bottle into the decanter as it allows oxygen to flood the wine during the pour. This is an important step of the aeration process, which brings out the wine’s true flavors and aromas.

FULL-BOTTLE CAPACITY – Don’t you worry! Our wine decanters hold a full bottle of wine with ease with room to spare. Simply open your bottle of wine, pour into the decanter and you’re good to go.

LEAD-FREE GLASS – Wine decanters are made from thick, premium, lead-free glass. They are lightweight, yet durable.



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