The function of wine glass

The function of wine glass

crysatl wine glass decanter

Red wine cup at the bottom of a relatively small grip. The upper body of the cup body is relatively large.

But they are roundand every brew of wine glasses are not the same.

All the wine glass, its main function in addition to Sheng wine. There is a condensate aroma, observe the bubble, observe the hanging cup and other functions.

So the design of red wine must be transparent. The more expensive red wine is more shiny.


Our wine tasting is usually through the nose and tongue. The nose is smell, the tongue is tasting wine.

The tongue is most sensitive to sweetness, the front of the tongue is sensitive to salty, the back of the tongue is sensitive to bitter taste, the tongue is sensitive to both sides of the acid.

The finest wines are guided by a suitable cup-shaped, and the wine can flow to the most desirable taste area on the tongue.

For example, with Bordeaux glass, wine will be directly exposed to the mouth of the back of the tongue, emphasizing the tannin (bitter taste) at the same time made a sweet, good acidity balance.

If the Burgundy glass drink Pinot Noir wine, Wine entrance will first touch the tongue, it is the first time to feel its characteristics – fruit, sweet and rich.


Red wine glasses with the traditional white wine cups more expensive.

But the red wine glass in the maintenance requirements of more,  it’s harsh and cumbersome.

The main rules:in the daily maintenance process, the need to pay attention to the glass clean. It’s easy to leave any water marks and dirt, it need to use silk before wiping the glass, use the day after the need to clean.

Be sure to wash the glass when you must hold the cup body. Because it can not just hold the cup feet, or will be very easy to break.

Why we choose wine glass?



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