How to distinguish the quality of wine glass cup - three tips

How to distinguish the quality of wine glass cup – three tips

How to distinguish the quality of wine glass cup – three tips
A wine glass cup is necessary for tasting wine. Generally speaking, wine glass cup has wide mouth and boby. The reanson is that the wine can expose to the air when pouring into the glass cup. The nature of the wine is special. So wine needs to fully expose to the air in order to release the smell, and the taste of the wine.

 Tips to distinguish the quality of wine glass cup

Here Xinyi glassware manufacturer tells you to distinglish the quality of wine cups from 3 perspectives.

  1. Sound: When two cups are touching, the sound is low and long, just like the melodious bell.
  2. Appearance: The wall of glass cups are thin. Also, the transparency is better.
  3. Structure: Thin wall of glass cups is easy for observing the color of wine. The microcosmic surface stucture of crystal  glass cup is different from normal glass cup which is smooth and flat. With such structure, more wine are exposed to the air.


Except for the texture distinguish between normal glass cup and crystal glass cup, handmade and machine blown glass cup looks almost the same. But the price of crystal glass cup is more expensive than normal glass cup. We can distinguish them by watching or touching because each handmade glass cup is unique.

If you have further questions for wine glass cup or other glassware, please feel free to contact us. We will answer you with our professtional knowledge as soon as possible.

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