wonderful music comes from high quality glass cup

wonderful music comes from high quality glass cup

Wonderful music comes from high quality glass cup

Glass cup is for drinking. However, as a professional glassware manufacturer, today I will tell you how to make wonderful music using high quality glass cup.

The reason why we should use high quality glass cup is that different glass cups can make different sounds.  If the glass cup is not good, then the sound is not so good.

First, tapped the top of glass cup with chopstick. You will hear a clear and melodious sound. When you stop tapping, the sound will stop too. That means the sound is from vibration of the phonating body. If the phonating body stops vibrating, the sound stop too.

Second, pour water into exactly the same glass cups with different water level. When you tapped the top of the glass cup, wonderful music will occur with different tone. That means the length of phonating body is different, the tone is different too.

Third, if you tap two glass cup with different thickness, the timbre of these two glass is not the same. Also, we can use this method to check the quality of bowl, cup, vase and so on in the market.

That’s all for today’s sharing. With these knowledge, I believe you can make wonderful music from high quality glass cup.

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